If you are seeing to purchase a tankless water heater and you already know what model you would like to buy, it shouldn’t be very hard for you to find a distributor. The easiest way would be to demand it from the Internet. We will now talk about a few of the companies that have been successfully distributing tankless hot water heaters.

The well known company named Lowe’s has been in business for about 60 years. Since then, it helped the costumers improve their home. Lowe’s also distributes a good line of tankless water heaters. The models that they distribute are: Bosch AquaStar Electronic Ignition Gas Tankless Water Heater, Bosch AquaStar Gas Tankless WaterHeater, PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heater, Bosch AquaStar Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater, Bosch AquaStar Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, PowerStar Electric Tankless Water Heater. There are two possibilities of how you can buy these products. You can order them from the Lowe’s website and have them shipped to your home, or you can find a shop near you.

Dasu Distributors is also a company that distributes tankless water heaters. They are one of the oldest distributors in North America. The brands that Dasu distributes are EEmax and Takagi, which are considered to be very high quality products. Dasu distributes all over the world by UPS. It is the only company in North America, where orders can be place any day at any time. Dasu distributes the product very carefully and also assures that they will be installed correctly, that’s why they are one of the best merchants.

E-Tankless Water Heaters Corp. is also a company, which is an expert in distributing tankless water heaters. It has been founded in 1999. Even if it hasn’t been on the market for a long time, it has already built a very good reputation by offering a very high quality customer service. They are also known for distributing only high quality products. E-Tankless Water Heaters Corp. has a staff which tests all kind of brands for quality, to assure that only the best brands are offered to the customer. E- Tankless Water Heaters Corp. is an authorized distributor of the Stiebel-Eltron brand. If you want to buy a Stiebel-Eltron tankless water heater the best place to buy it from is E-Tankless Water Heaters Corp. They offer all the information you need and also have a shipping method that is very convenient. You can pick how fast you want your product to be released.

Home Depot is a company which is considered the largest home improvement retailer in the world. The company can be found in 10 Canadian states, in 49 US states, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The brands that Home Depot offers in tankless water heaters are: Bosch, Powerstar, Aquastar, Ariston, Power-Pipe, Reflecto Foil. You can order any of these stocks and get free shipping, because the delivery is free if the product costs more than $99.

These 4 Companies are some of the best distributors in North America. They distributealmost any brand and type of tankless water heater you might need. So if you want to buy a tankless water heater, these are the companies you should go to!