Portable toilets are everything you could ask for when it comes to outdoor convenience. For those people who love to travel in their trailers or who often camp, good portable toilets are not only essential but important. There are all different sized portable toilets to accommodate specific needs. There are many portable toilets you can choose from. Some of them include porta-jon, mini unit, kan-du, all in one, add-a-bathroom, and hunter’s special. Every one of these portable toilets listed are used for various reasons, whether it be for camping, a job site, hunting or an extra bathroom installation for a certain area of your house that does not have a bathroom, such as your basement.


Add-a-bathroom is a special portable toilet that functions like a regular toilet, but is uniquely designed to be installed in an area that was not originally made for a bathroom like your basement. Many people like to finish their basements and use them as entertainment areas, or sometimes use them as an extra room. However, not every home comes equipped with a bathroom in the basement, so if you wish to add a bathroom, you will have to install it yourself or have a professional do it for you.


You can purchase portable toilets from a variety of locations, but one of your best and most convenient methods of purchasing bathroom faucets is online. Many online stores will show you the portable toilets that they sell, so you can judge for yourself if you approve of them or not. Just be cautious when you order your portable toilets from online sources. You will want to make positive you get the best prices for your portable toilets without substituting the quality. Kohler Santa Rosa from Kohler toilets is really great and have long life in term of performance. Checkout Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review by Matt Mertz on his blog.

Take camping to a complete new level of ease and comfort with a portable toilet. Learn about all of the great portable toilets available to you, and plan your purchase today!